MECART Company

MECART Company

on the market from 40 years

The company was founded in 1977 as a partnership between Alberto Cervi and Tecnogas of Contini brothers. Tecnogas was at the time a company at the forefront of gas cookers design and construction and was looking for a solid production departement able to perform various machining operations including the processing of the gas pipelines. So started Mecart, whose name derives from the fusion of two words: “meccanica artigiana”.

Over the years, the collaboration has become ever closer and stronger together growing production volumes; Mecart as a result has grown, has invested and has become a very different reality of the word "artisan" making up her name. In the 90s Alberto Cervi has completely taken over the company, while maintaining the strong partnership with Tecnogas, it is also proposed to new customers and new production sectors.

In 2017 it will be 40 years birthday and this is a goal that alone is enough to explain the character, professionalism and seriousness of the company.


For over 15 years the sons of Alberto, Andrea and Davide, were first taken over and today are at the company's guidance. As many companies also Mecart was hit in 2008 by heavy global crisis but the obstacle is now behind us. A cornerstone of our company and the constant willingness to invest in equipments and infrastructures as we believe it is the only way to maintain a competitive